The Sperry Plan 

To Rescue The U.S. Economy

By: M J Sperry

Part 1 of 5

The only certain way to ensure the economic rescue of America, is to excite her people into positive, constructive action. To jazz them, by rapidly delivering on the promise that is America, a promise sometimes called "the good life". The Sperry Plan will effectively pay America, to rescue America. 

Far from the dismal picture media paints for us, we actually are standing on the precipice of grand opportunity and wealth. In fact, it is right in front of us. Time and perseverance have delivered us to its doorstep. All we have to do is reach out and it will be ours. This is not an exaggeration.

I am going to show how you, together with friends and neighbors, can employ the time honored principles of wealth creation, that have been used for centuries by the owners of highly successful, venture-capital investment groups. These are principles that have generally been handed down from father to son by the elite and subtly kept from the eyes of the average person. Through the use of these principles, you and your friends should be able to create new wealth, and thus convert this country from labor based, to profit based subsistence. 

The Change

What has changed that makes this possible? In a word; "productivity", vast increases in productivity, especially in the last 25 years. Consider that in the year 1900, over 60 percent of the population was on the farm, presumably engaged directly or indirectly in agriculture. By the year 2000, less than 1% of the population was on the farm. That's over a 6000 percent increase in agricultural productivity alone, an increase due mostly to the proliferation of,  machines

Now consider that the first completely automated automobile assembly plant came on line in Japan in 1985. It was a truck manufacturing plant that normally would have employed thousands. This one only employed 69. 64 were clerical workers, four were technicians and one was identified as "driver". This was a magnificent achievement for 1985 technology. What was the key factor that made it possible? It was the sudden availability of, computers. Computers that were archaic as compared to todays computers, which are thousands of times more powerful than those of 25 years ago.

Surely Detroit would have followed Japan's lead to stay competitive and today, though well kept from the eyes of the public, virtually every automobile on the highway is now being built and assembled by machines, especially ROBOTS. Keep that in mind as you consider that just a few years ago the Big Three automakers offered to buy out the contracts of over a third of its UAW union workers. This was well before the dismal economic news of the last few months and raises the question; Who or what, were they going to get to replace all those workers? Other people, or machines?

There are only two ways to create the value represented by a dollar bill: One; earnings on the sale of labor. Two; earnings on investment, or profit. Even taxes are down stream from these two. If a workers only means of earning a living is through the sale of their labor, and that labor is rapidly being diminished through the incessant march of the machine, then the only option left for the worker is to switch to profit on investment as their primary means of support. Except for charity or welfare, there simply is no other alternative.


We are a micro capitalistic society in that, ironically, very few of us are capitalists. Virtually all of us earn our daily bread by selling our labor in the labor marketplace. The Sperry Plan will change that. It will turn all who participate into super capitalists and it will do it quickly, inexpensively and safely. That's right, 'safely'. 

You see, the plan has built-in to it, a fail-safe feature. This feature will not just prevent failure, but will actually force success. Now I don't want to tell you what that feature is just yet. I'm going to show you how it works first. Only then will you appreciate the enormous power and advantage it brings. However, if you're just bursting with curiosity, then jump ahead to the section "A Real Life Example", then return and read the rest.

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The information contained herein is only for the purpose of elucidating and conveying, an entirely new financial strategy for the rescue of America. It should not be considered in any manner an offer to sell, buy or invest in anything, in any way. Always consult a trained financial advisor before considering any financial investment.

mac Sperry is a writer living in San Diego

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